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Retch BB 50 Jaw Crusher

Necessary Equipment

• Eye protection

• Hearing protection

• Loose hair tied back

• Breathing protection (if using for an extended amount of time)

Use and Operation

• Clean your workspace with water and clean paper towels

• Disassemble the jaws and clean all metal parts, from top down, with ethanol – do not clean the plastic pieces or the lubricated rod that holds the jaw in place

• To disassemble the jaw crusher:

- Lay out clean paper towels on your workspace – you will place the clean parts here as you disassemble the jaw crusher
- Pull the knob on the front of the metal plate that is attached to the funnel on top of the jaw crusher
- Open the jaw crusher
- Remove the next metal plate by sliding it forwards until it pops out of the jaw crusher assembly
- Turn the head of the rod holding the jaw in place until this pops out of the assembly
- Remove this rod and use the small end of it to remove the jaw – it will be heavy!

• Clean the top metal plate and funnel with ethanol and a clean paper towel

• Remove the collection tray and clean with ethanol and a new paper towel

• Re-assemble the jaw crusher – be sure that the collection tray and the top metal plate are firmly shut, otherwise the jaw crusher will not run

• Turn on the machine with the switch in the back on the right-hand side

• Set your desired grain size, in mm, and speed of the jaws – if crushing to a very small grain size, it may be easier to do several runs with an increasingly small grain size

• Press “START”

• Use the orange scoop to transfer your crushed sample to the jaw crusher – use a sheet of paper to cover the opening at the top to minimize airborne rock dust

• Do not add the next scoop of sample until you hear that the jaws have crushed the previous scoop

• When you have crushed your entire sample, turn off the machine by pressing “STOP”

• Repeat this process until your sample is the desired grain size

• Remove the collection tray and carefully transfer your crushed sample to your sample container – do this slowly to avoid preferentially losing the light fraction of your sample as dust

• Repeat the disassembly and cleaning process

• Reassemble the clean parts and turn off the jaw crusher

• Replace the plastic cover

Wedag Jaw crusher

Wedag methods1.png

Necessary Equipment

• Eye protection 

• Hearing protection 

• Hair tied back 

Use and Operation

• Use the wheels on the left side of the jaw crusher to open the jaws.

• With an iron brush, brush both sides of the jaws to remove and particles in the jaws from previous samples.

• After the jaws have been thoroughly brushed, used ethanol and a clean paper towel to thoroughly clean the surface of the jaws. Use the compressed air gun to dry the jaws if necessary. Close the jaws with the wheel on the left side. 

• Clean the container into which your crushed rock pieces will fall with ethanol or water and a clean paper towel. Make sure the container is completely dry before use.

• Once the jaws are closed and the container is in place below the crusher, insert your sample into the top of the machine between the two jaws.

• Press the black button to turn the machine on and the red button to turn the machine off when your sample has been fully deposited into the container below the jaws. Do not open the jaws until they have completely stopped moving. 

• Clean the equipment as described in step 1 between every sample, and after you are finished crushing all samples. 

Lehrveranstaltung Geological sample preparation I, Geological sample preparation II
Location Geology department, Luisenstraße 37, 80333 München


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