Earth Surface Processes - Fluvial processes

(Weitergeleitet von Isar river)
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Field trip type field exercise
Field trip location Isar river, Vorderriss, Alps
Responsible Prof. Dr. Miriam Dühnforth, Geology
Date winter term
Information and current date Studiengangskoordination
Days in the field 5
Offered 2015, 2016, 2017
Registration Studiengangskoordination

Aim of the field trip

To measure and better understand fluvial processes


Water, sediments

Field methods

Measurement of:

  • Flow velocity (hydrometric current meter, Zählgerät OTT Z400)
  • Channel width (laser rangefinder, TruPulse 360)
  • Channel depth (metallic rode from the hydrometric current meter)
  • Sediment size (ruler)
  • Channel slope (google earth)


Field trip at the Isar river (Voderriss, Alps) is part of P3 Earth Surface Processes course