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MSc Geobiology and Paleobiology P7 - Field Practical II

Paleobiology Field Practical
Geological-palaeontological history of the study area and outcrops; fieldwork and methods of fieldwork in exemplary geological settings, e.g. description and interpretation of litho- and biofacies, analytical field methods, mapping, profile logging, sampling, collecting fossils.

Learning outcomes Students will remember geological, paleontological and biological knowledge from previous lectures. Students will be able to recognize and combine concepts of geology, paleontology and biology in the field. After the module, students will be able to understand and apply field methods for own research questions, e.g., in the research project (P 9) and the Master Thesis (P 11).
(from: Module Catalogue M.Sc. Geobiology and Paleobiology, 2017)

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