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MSc Geology P1 - Geological Field Mapping and Exploration

Geological field work is the traditional foundation of geology. This module combines traditional techniques in field geology and exploration with the modern digital and remote sensing mapping methods that allow better mapping of geologically interesting regions. The field seminar and the field course develop skills of observation and interpretation while teaching the technical aspects of advanced field mapping, synthesis, stratigraphic interpretation, structural analysis, geomorphological analysis, and resource-geology analysis. Preparation of maps, stratigraphic charts, geological cross-sections, and reports is an important part of the course. This place-based field camp exposes students to new natural, cultural, and social, and settings, which provides opportunity for personal and interpersonal growth.
The module is based on the assumption that the expertise in rock recognition, sedimentology, petrology, and structural geology, and the basic skills in geological field methods have been already acquired in Bachelor-level courses.
Further details will be given out at the beginning of the preparatory field seminar.

Students will acquire skills in advanced geological mapping, such as geological synthesis, geological data collection, construction of speciality maps and cross-sections, stratigraphic columns, analytical field mapping techniques, and the preparation of field reports with research-oriented background. Participants will also acquire expertise in regional reconnaissance mapping using remote sensing techniques and trip planning. Students will also improve their extracurricular qualifications such as personal and interpersonal skills.
(from: Module Handbook M.Sc. Geology, 2014)

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