Lidar and GPS Mapping

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Field trip type field trip
Field trip location Bavaria
Responsible Dr. Ing. Amir Abolghasem, Geology
Date July/August
Information and current date see Geländeveranstaltungen
Days in the field 5
Offered 2014, 2015, 2016, 2018, 2019
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Aim of the field trip

In this course students will learn the practical aspects to modern high-precision space- and ground-based geodetic techniques, such as LiDAR and GPS technology. They learn how to operate the 3-D Light-Detection-and-Ranging scanner (LiDAR) and the high-precision space-geodetic mapping devices (e.g., GPS) in the field, including real-time kinematic observations and post-processing techniques. The theoretical portion of this course is offered as Quantitative Geological Mapping I. Students are strongly encouraged to enroll in this course concurrently.
(from: Module Handbook M.Sc. Geology, 2014)