Methods in Geobiology and Paleobiology

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Course type lecture and tutorial
Information Master's program "Geobiology and Paleobiology" (MGAP)
Responsible(s) Dr. Dirk Erpenbeck
Eligible for MSc Geobiology and Paleobiology: P4.1, P4.2
Course location Paläontologie, Richard-Wagner-Str. 10
Date SoSe
Course material -

Course content

The students are introduced to laboratory methods in the field of Geobiology and Paleobiology. The theoretical background of the methods are explained and their application demonstrated with the help of exemplary studies.
Practical application of some of the methods in the laboratories of the department.

The students will be familiar with the principles of the taught laboratory methods applied in Geobiology and Paleobiology and can use this knowledge in their further studies.
The students can apply methods they learned in the practical part of the module, have a basic understanding of laboratory work and know about the available equipment of the laboratories in the department.
(from: Module Catalogue M.Sc. Geobiology and Paleobiology, 2017)