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Course type workshop
Information LSF
Responsible(s) Prof. Dr. Anke M. Friedrich
Eligible for MSc Geology: P9.0.9, WP4.0.9
Course location Geologie, Luisenstr. 37
Date SoSe
Course material LSF

Course content

Neotectonics offers in-depth insights into modern concepts and basic tools to study young horizontal and vertical deformation of the earth’s surface at scales ranging from decades to millions of years. Methods covered in the course include structural, thermochronological, geological remote sensing, tectono-geomorphic, paleoseismological, seismological, and space-geodetic analysis. The goal of the course is to assimilate these different data to construct deformation or strain paths for regional deforming surfaces, active plate boundaries, and actively deforming intraplate regions.
(from: Module Handbook M.Sc. Geology, 2014)