Phylogenetic Analysis of Morphological and Molecular Data

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Course type tutorial
Information Master's program "Geobiology and Paleobiology" (MGAP)
Responsible(s) Dr. Dirk Erpenbeck
Eligible for MSc Geobiology and Paleobiology: P2.2
Course location Paläontologie, Richard-Wagner-Str. 10
Date WiSe
Course material -

Course content

The exercises include creation of phylogenetic character matrices, phylogenetic reconstructions, and interpretation of phylogenetic data and hypotheses. Relevant software will be introduced and applied by the students.
Students will be able to understand phylogenetic data and interpret the results. The practical methods taught allow students to apply the gained background in the analyses or re-analyses of published or own data.
(from: Module Catalogue M.Sc. Geobiology and Paleobiology, 2017)