Sytematic Data and Evidence

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Course type lecture and tutorial
Information Master's program "Geobiology and Paleobiology" (MGAP)
Responsible(s) Prof. Dr. Susanne Renner
Eligible for MSc Geobiology and Paleobiology: WP4.1, WP4.2
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Date WiSe
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Course content

Students will be introduced to the main topics of Systematics. In this lecture, a choice of the following topics will be discussed:

  • paleontological and biogeographical data
  • the kinds of data used in primatology
  • speciation and radiations(diversity hotspots)
  • principles of phylogenetics tree inference
  • introduction to biological collecting and collections (including visits to the Bavarian Natural History collections)
  • taxon-specific approaches and problems (e.g. species concepts in bacteria vs. species concepts in higher organisms)
  • role of organismic interactions in the evolution of adaptation
  • role of Systematics in Evolutionary Biology.

Students receive questions and tasks, which must be answered in small teams. This requires literature search and further reading in textbooks and publications. The results are presented and discussed in the tutorial.

Students receive background knowledge in Systematics; they are familiar with important terminology and important theory. Participants acquire a firm understanding of the kinds of data with which phylogenetic relationships and macroevolution can be inferred. They also understand and are able to discuss some problems in Systematics. They know the role of Systematics in Evolutionary Biology.
(from: Module Catalogue M.Sc. Geobiology and Paleobiology, 2017)