Methods of Mineral Resources

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Course type integrated learning activity
Information LSF
Responsible(s) Prof. Dr. Robert Marschik
Eligible for MSc Geology: P9.0.4
MSc Geomaterialien und Geochemie: WP9.3
Course location Geologie, Luisenstr. 37
Date SoSe
Course material -

Course content

The module component Methods of Mineral Resources introduces the students into the basics of reflected and polarized light microscopy. The physical background as well as methods of sample preparation, qualitative and quantitative techniques will be discussed. Optical characterization of opaque, ore-forming minerals as well as techniques for the systematic identification will be presented and practiced. Among others the following characteristics will be determined: color recognition, relative reflectance, anisotropy, relative hardness, ore-fabric. Ore-deposit specific properties as well as paragenetic and metallogenetic aspects will be discussed. The primary goal is to enable students to identify opaque minerals under the microscope and to recognize and interpret specific ore-fabrics.
(from: Module Handbook M.Sc. Geology, 2014)

Analytical methods

Reflected light microscopy