Scientific Programming

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Course type lecture and exercise
integrated learning activity
Information LSF
Responsible(s) Dr. Marcus Mohr
Dr. Jens Oeser
Eligible for MSc Geophysics: P3.3, P3.4
MSc Geology: P9.0.6
Course location Geophysik, Theresienstr. 41
Semester/Date SoSe

Course content

  • fundamentals and architecture of modern computer systems
  • history and classification of programming languages
  • representation of numerical data on computer systems
  • programming in Fortran
  • classical & special data structures for scientific computing, selected algorithms
  • automated build-tools and version control
  • preprocessing

(from: Course Catalogue M.Sc. Geophysics, 2014)

Scientific Programming familiarises students with the basic tools and concepts they need as scientists in order to efficiently design, implement and test computer programs. The topics of the course include fundamentals of procedural and object-oriented programming with languages such as Fortran, C and C++, basic parallelization with MPI and OpenMP, as well as tools for debugging and performance analysis. Besides this the course deals with tools for modern software development like automatic builds, debuggers, version control and integrated development environments.
(from: Module Handbook M.Sc. Geology, 2014)




Students receive a script with the content of the lecture.